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Solar Pond construction

The usual method adopted to prevent convection is to dissolve a salt in the water and to maintain a concentration gradient. The design of solar ponds reduces either convection or evaporation in order to store the heat collected by the pond. They can operate in almost any climate .

Advanced material testing

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Landfill design

Landfill design involves designing physical elements of the landfill and operational systems. The major design components of a landfill are sub-base, liner, leachate management system, gas management system, final cap, and stormwater management.

Black Mountain Mining PLC aims for clients that include oil , potash, coal, clay minerals, base metals, and precious metals producers. We are experts in various forms of drilling and mining construction.

Fistum Lemlem 

General Manager 


Black Mountain Mining PLC develops innovative solutions to complex geo environmental mining problems in Ethiopia.

Our professional staff of engineers and
geoscientists specialize in potash solution
well drilling, energy sector drilling,
hydrogeology, geotechnical services, waste
containment system design, mine waste
characterization and groundwater,
contaminant transport and geochemistry.


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